Breakdown Our Fort Desolation Build Piece By Piece

Breaking Down Our Fort Desolation Overlanding Dream Build Piece By Piece

We’re thrilled for our rack to be featured at the festival. Ford’s belief in our brand has been a huge boon!

Check out all the goodies that make this dream overlanding build a reality below.

Raket Designs 4-Door Roof Rack

  • Three accessories in One
  • Available for all 4-door and 2-door 2021+ Broncos
  • Use with a soft-top, hard-top, or no-top (4 doors)
  • Front Assembly is designed to work as a bar and spot light mount
  • Patented “Slide” System = removal of the basket from either side
  • Basket load capacity: 500 Dynamic (moving) / 800 Static (stationary)
  • Assembly required with no modification to Bronco
  • Aluminum and steel design with a total weight of 130 pounds
  • Rear Tower Assembly offers modularity with built in light mount and MOLLE panels
  • Reversible design provides both a flat surface and basket option
  • Low profile design ready for customization

Around the entire perimeter are built in “T” channels that enable you to attach a multitude of accessories directly to the tent. Awnings, shovels, axes, lights and showers can all be easily attached & detached right where you want them for a clean appearance to your set up.

Inside, you’ll find multiple side pockets and an overhead net for stuff storage, capped by a fabric lined ceiling. Elastic banding helps you fold the tent away. Weighing in at 192-214lbs. this is one of the lightest aluminum tents available, which happens to increase your vehicles performance while sporting this sleek home on wheels.

  • One of the thinnest profiles available while offering a wide variety of options
  • The embodiment of function and design

WaterPort’s largest self-pressurizing tank delivers 8 gallons of water on even the longest excursions. The Weekender is ideal for on-the-go showers, cleaning and rinsing equipment, and any time you need pressurized water.

Take it camping, fishing, to the beach, off-roading, or anywhere your life meets the great outdoors.

Our 270 Degree Awning is the perfect addition for leveling up your outdoor experience. Our free-standing design creates a large shaded area with the batwing design.

High winds have you worried? Don’t stress! Every awning comes with legs that can be attached for extra stability. Aluminum extruded arms create a lightweight design that can be mounted to virtually any rack.

The awning features Rip-Stop Polyester for a durable finish that can withstand 4-season weather. The 270 Degree Awning is easy to use: simply unzip the cover, detach a few Velcro straps, swing the awning open and attach your tie down points.

Utah Bronco KIller’s goal is to sell quality parts at reasonable prices, so that you can have the safest off-roading or daily driving experience you can. Jake has done all the things that you shouldn’t do, and his dream is to supply you with what you need in order to avoid being put in sticky situations.

They provided lots of items for this build, including: 

The all-new PATAGONIA M/T-02 has been developed around years of feedback from real-world enthusiasts and professional rock crawling competitions, and garners much of the original M/T design, yet integrates all-new internal tire construction and rubber formulates to raise the level of performance. The M/T-02 now integrates cross-directional siping to improve tread block strength and resilience with a more stable footprint while reducing the risk of chunking. Redeveloped from the inside out, the much improved mud terrain integrates Milestar’s MILETECH® 3-Ply Sidewall with added rigidity for maximum sidewall durability, yet still pliable and flexible for aired-down bite and rock-crawling grip. A newly formulated silica-enriched tread compound that includes cut and chip resistance, allows for longer tread life without sacrificing off-road traction.

This cargo area security enclosure system is made for the 6th Generation Bronco 4 Door. It is made with a sturdy steel frame and aluminum case, fully powder coated for a finished look.

  • Covers the entire cargo area for your 4 Door Bronco with a very sleek, highly functional rear cargo security enclosure
  • Fits snug to optimize the space and openness to avoid unused pockets or dead space
  • Easy to install. Once installed, it takes very minimal effort to breakdown (just a few minutes)
  • Provides complete privacy without making it difficult to access items when needed
  • Easy access door behind back seats
  • Folding Top is removable to leave at home when carrying oversized cargo
  • Forward wall also folds down or can be removed when carrying oversized cargo

There’s a new high mark in the world of winches… because innovation never ends at Torrix. The 8,000 and 10,000 pound WERX line of winches are no exception. It has real features that make the job easier safer and your winch more durable. And with winch specs that prove when it comes to recovery, it is all business.

The WERX line of winches utilizes our exclusive user feedback which lets you know how many amps you’re pulling.  An understanding of that lets you know, directionally, the load on the winch, cable and other components.

WERX also utilizes a sealed remote connection to keep things clean between pulls.  So when you need it, its always there.

These 6th Gen Bronco Inner Fenders bring utility and style to your front wheel wells. Crafted from 1.5mm & 2.0mm lightweight aluminum panels & finished in a Satin Black powder coat, they clean up the look of your inner fenders and increase airflow to the engine compartment via several mesh panels. These mesh panels can be removed and painted to match the body color, or left in their raw aluminum tone.

No lift is required for fitment. These are a direct replacement to the factory plastic inner fenders and installation is a simple bolt-on process.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Satin Black Powder Coat Finish
  • Paintable Aluminum Mesh Panels
  • Increases Airflow to the Engine Compartment
  • Included Black Hardware
  • Cleans up the Inner Fender Area
  • Simple Bolt-On Installation

The Bronco Mud Flap kit works with up to 35″ tires with stock or close to stock wheel offset/backspacing. The flaps are designed to work with the factory rock rails and side steps. This kit is also designed to be slightly adjustable in and out as well as being quick release so that you can quickly take the front/rear or all flaps off when on those gnarly rock crawling trails.