Why Do I Love My Rack?​

Why Do I Love My Rack?

A Racket Owner Story by Kyle Conway

The short answers are:

1 – The BaseRak simply lets me haul more camping equipment on family adventures.

2 – Space inside a 6G Bronco is limited. If I want my wife and daughter to join me, and enjoy themselves enough to go again, I need to bring luxuries, not just basics. The BaseRak lets me accomplish this.

3 – The icing on the cake is the modularity of the BaseRak, being able to remove the basket specifically. This lets me enjoy features of the Bronco soft top around town on a moment’s notice, while having the rack available for adventures.

In 2020 life was weird, and like many others I spent a lot of time at home, and watched a lot of, perhaps too much, youtube.

Seeing others go on adventures, learning this new term overlanding, it brought back childhood memories of camping.  Many of these childhood camping memories involved our 86 Bronco. I yearned to provide some similar memories for my family. Of course this is around the time the new 6G Bronco was announced and I was one of the first to reserve one. As I followed several overlanding youtubers, gathering gear and dusting off my camping skills, it was time to persuade my wife and daughter to join in the adventures. A couple adventures began with my previous vehicle, a full size 06 Nissan Titan pickup truck. Even with that my gear typically resulted in an overloaded rig.  In 2021 I took delivery on my out of this world 21 Ford Bronco Badlands Sasquatch in the Area51 color which I added a ham radio to, and named #BadSquatchAlf. I quickly realized it did not have the same cargo capacity as a full size truck.  My first step to reorganize was by getting the Gazelle T4 tent and my traction boards outside by way of the American Adventure Labs spare tire platform. This worked pretty well but had downsides to weight on the tailgate and access to the spare tire. I was still on the lookout for another solution.

That is when I found Raket. I received my BaseRak just in time for a summer 2023 trip to Colorado.

That trip wasn’t a camping trip and I did not expect to need the rack, but it turns out it became needed.  On a day trip to Dinosaur National Monument I went to air back up and found a punctured tire and needed to swap with the spare tire. Having the BaseRak gave me many more convenient options dealing with the tire situation rather than to fully reinstall the spare tire platform on a flat tire, which needed to be repaired.  So on our first family adventure with the BaseRak it was a hero.

Since that Colorado trip, we’ve taken advantage of the BaseRak with a camping trip to Rendezvous in the Ozarks (AR) and just recently to Stone Mountain, GA.  We upgraded to the Gazelle THex tent which is much larger than the T4, but the BaseRak hauls it easily. Seldom used traction boards and other gear straps to the top freeing up room for all the luxury needs like fridge, cots, sleeping pads, camp kitchen, etc, etc,  my ladies desire.  If momma ain’t happy camping, then nobody is happy camping.  We have made great family memories on these trips and the BaseRak’s utility helped make it possible.

While my dreams of overlanding had me eyeing a hardtop Bronco, build restrictions in 2021 had me switch to the soft top with hard top prep kit. The family quickly became fans of open air driving. I did not want to give that experience up for a roof rack. Raket’s modular design lets us continue to enjoy the soft top on a daily basis, while still providing the utility and functionality I needed on adventures. The Raket BaseRak has been a great purchase, for me, my family, and BadsquatchAlf.