Roof Racks in the Wild! Overlanding Cross-Country to Moab

Roof Racks in the Wild!

Hello everyone!

Our new Ford Bronco roof racks are shipping, and that makes us excited. Big things are happening:

1 – Our first prototype made a cross-country journey to Baja! (full story and interview coming soon)

2 – We’re going to be working with some amazing partners to bring you accessories to take your rack from cool to game-changing. Build it out for overlanding, off-road, recovery, or mix it up.

3 – We created a quick install video!
(Longer, more detailed video to come.)

4 - Find Us at Bronco Safari in Moab!

Come see the rack in person and find out why we’re so excited about it. We’re going to be at Bronco Safari May 3rd-6th, so say hi if you’re in the area.

You can win one of four $250 gift certificates toward a rack by entering the event raffle, and the only way to enter is by registering for Bronco Safari. Winners will be chosen Friday night (May 5th).