Using the Raket Roof Rack in All Three Top Positions​

Using the Raket Roof Rack in All Three Top Positions

We designed our rack to work in as many configurations as possible to give our customers maximum versatility. Here’s how you can use it in all three modes:

Position 1

Top Fully Closed

With the top on, you can run the complete Raket system and kit your ride for anything. If you are using a soft top, you can remove the windows for a “safari” option.

Position 2

Soft top clipped back / Hard top panels removed

  • Soft top – Remove the basket and you can operate the remaining components of the RAKET system such as the tower, front assembly/light bar mount, or the BAKRAK (coming soon!)
  • Hard top – The full rack system is usable and all 3 panels can be removed without uninstalling the basket.

Position 3

Top is completely down or off

  • Soft Top – The basket and rear tower will need to be (briefly) removed and reinstalled after the soft top has been released from its latches and fastening hinge.
  • Hard Top – We recommend the (brief) removal of the basket and rear tower due to each side mounting plate using the hard top mounts on the rear quarter panels.
  • It only takes about 10 minutes to remove and install the rear tower and basket.